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If you’re not creating videos for your business yet, you're in the minority.
In the 2022 State of Digital Marketing Report, it featured insights from over 600
business marketers reveal that all types of businesses, from medi-spas to
bars and restaurants are embracing motion visual content advertising.

The majority of them are producing videos or plan to start, not just because
they’re popular, but because they’re highly effective and truly help in their
communications with new or existing customers, driving up revenues.

Jason Cohen Wood Artist
Mimosa Motion Menus Infinity Pour
Mojitos Kitchen Open Late
Thieneman & Co. Promo-HD 1080p
TheRealFrank.TV Promo
Braised Short Rib Fugazza
Mojitos Phone App
Thrive Center
Charred Tomato & Barrata
ZEGGZ Bloody Mary Motion Menus
Laughter in Paradise TV Show Promo
Farmer and the Foodie The Thrive Center
Cuban Spicy Tuna Tartar Tacos
Mojitos Tuna Watermellon Cerviche
Walkthrough Triple Crown 1.1
Cuban Sandwich On A Stick
All Night Long...Impellizzeris Happy Hour
Impellizzaris Late Night Happy Hour-HD 720p
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