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Order your QuickAds Video
before your competitor locks up your market!

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After completing the order form, click on the submit button
and one of our team members will be in contact via email to arrange the next steps.

NOTE: We will be adding new QuickAds on a regular basis, so please let us know if you would
like to be notified when we launch new QuickAds. Also, please feel free to request a QuickAds Video.

Ordering Process
Just pick your favorite QuickAds Video, and specify Standard or Deluxe on the below order form. Next, we will reach out to acquire the
payment, then send your QuickAds download link.

We've made it simple
The QuickAds Standard will be ready for download within 24 hours or sooner after we have
received payment.

QuickAds Deluxe has a 48-hour turnaround after we have received payment, your logo, and necessary information.

Note: For QuickAds Deluxe, our production team will replace the placeholder info. and logo information with yours, then send a download link to your customized QuickAds. In addition, you will receive 6 months of
market exclusivity to keep your competitors from
purchasing the same QuickAds.

Suggested Usage

  1. Social Media

  2. Website

  3. Mass Mailing

  4. Trade Shows

QuickAds HVAC Collection

Note: QuickAds Deluxe are customized with your logo, address & information.
QuickAds Standard are ready to download after payment is received.
(No editing accept for the removal of any place holder info.)

"QuickAds Video 01"-HVAC
Deluxe: $699 Standard $399

"QuickAds Video (Tune-Up) 03"
Deluxe: $699 Standard $399

"QuickAds Video Short 03"-HVAC
Deluxe: $599 Standard $299

"QuickAds Video (Mini-Split) 02"
Deluxe: $699 Standard $399

"QuickAds Video 04"-HVAC
Deluxe: $699 Standard $399

"QuickAds Video Short 04"-HVAC
Deluxe: $599 Standard $299

Place order below or ask any question by clicking here

HVAC order form
QuickAds HVAC
Order Form
"QuickAds Video 01"-HVAC
"QuickAds Video (Mini-Split) 02"
"QuickAds Video (Tune-Up) 03"-HVAC
"QuickAds Video 04"-HVAC
"QuickAds Video Short 03"-HVAC
"QuickAds Video Short 04"-HVAC

Thank You

Note: If you do not use "The New Flat Rate" and it's in the
QuickAds you have chosen, we will remove it at no charge .

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