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Online  Menu Preview

Whet your appetite below with our Motion Menus. If unable to come in to dine with us, just use one
of our ordering methods to have your meal delivered to you or contact us for carry out.

Be aware this is just an example and is not a current functioning service for mojitobar.


mojitosbar carry out: 888-888-8888



happy hour

Happy Hour at Mojitobar is offered every day from 3pm to 7pm. Enjoy the best mojitos in town for only $12.95.

Douglas head shot-chef_edited.png

Chef Spotlight


Chef Douglas Rodriguez, the globally acclaimed Godfather of Nuevo Latino Cuisine, blazed the trail and has inspired Chefs around the world and his culinary creativity has changed the image of Latino food in America.

Chef Rodriguez, 50, a son of Cuban immigrants, was raised in Miami. He grew up with the sights, smells and tastes of Cuban/American cuisine and developed a passion for food early on. By the age of 13, he had a collection of cookbooks, pots and pans, and was developing and preparing original concepts. At 14, he landed his first restaurant job as a summer apprentice at The Four Ambassadors Hotel in Miami. After high school, he gained more experience at the prestigious Hilton Hotel Fontainebleau in Miami Beach before honing his skills and techniques at Johnson and Wales University in Providence.

Returning to Miami, Rodriguez worked at the Sonesta Beach Hotel and Wet Paint Cafe. In 1989 he opened Yuca, an upscale Cuban style restaurant in Coral Gables. Yuca was a success, and at age 24, Chef Rodriguez was a celebrated Miami chef, winning the “Chef of the Year, Miami” award from The Chefs of America and receiving his first and second “Rising Chef of the Year” nominations by The James Beard Foundation. While Yuca served distinctly Cuban cuisine, Rodriguez constantly studied new flavors, ingredients and ideas from his staff, which hailed from a variety of Latin American countries. Soon after, he headed straight for New York City.

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